CCS’s comprehensive capabilities in both technology and services, combined with our experience delivering projects across diverse industries and markets, can help your business meet these challenges. Working together we can ensure the investment you make in sustainability delivers the maximum economic, social and environmental benefit, in the shortest possible time.

CCS can assist with every aspect of your sustainability initiative – from market analysis and strategy development through to implementing and managing a sustainability solution and delivering value for your company. We help clients achieve new levels of competitive differentiation from their sustainability strategies. In today’s competitive global market, where business and policy decisions involve more complexities than ever before, CCS’s innovative, flexible and tailored approach to sustainability can help your organization take advantage of new opportunities, overcome challenges, and build an empire of success together.

“Knowing how it should be done, and getting it done the right way.”

  • Distinct expertise and experience in addressing sustainability issues across Asia
  • Extensive network of experts and knowledge in sustainability
  • Key strategic partnerships
  • In-depth knowledge of local markets across Asia
  • Awareness of and access to Best Available Technologies (BAT)
  • Reduced transaction costs
    • reduce time spent on non-core business activities
      • procurement, evaluation of proposals, follow-up, negotiation
  • Reduced risk
    • Use of proven, reliable, and reputable technologies
  • Global Best Practices and International Standards
    • Performance Guarantees / Warranties
    • Financial Accountability
  • Innovation and creativity (balanced risk and reward)


Valuable Results

  1. The Advantages (for a client)
    • Reduced energy costs
    • Reduced operating and maintenance costs
    • Prolonged life of equipment
    • Increased value of property
    • Increased net operating income
    • Increased comfort levels and productivity of staff
    • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint
    • Increased attractiveness for tenants esp. MNCs
    • Enhanced reputation and profile of organization (CSR)
  1. The Advantage (Energy Efficiency)
    • Outsourced to an expert
    • Prequalified delivery partners and technologies
      • (quality, track record, expertise, experience, resources)
    • Lower transaction costs
      • reduce time spent on non-core business activities
        • procurement process, evaluation of proposals, follow-up, negotiation
      • reduced legal fees
    • Lower risk
      • Contract review, negotiation, use of best practice standards
    • Knowing how it should be done, and getting it done the right way
  1. Best Available Technologies
    • Controls and automation
    • System Integration
    • Renewable Energy
    • Geothermal/Ground Source Heat Pumps
    • Solar Thermal
    • Distributed generation
    • Thermal Storage
    • Absorption chillers
    • BIPV
    • Thermal barrier paint
    • LEDs
  1. Global Best Practices
    • Price transparency
    • Comprehensive approach/expertise
    • Performance Guarantee / Financial Accountability
    • Evaluation of BAT options (state of the art, latest technologies)
    • Innovation and creativity balanced with risk
    • International standards – Monitoring and Verification (International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol – IPMVP)